Choose from a Broad Assortment of Cedar Shake Stains and Finishes

Cedar shake siding provides an incredible rustic feel and an incredible return on investment due to its moderate cost. However, it’s a finish that requires a special touch, and you’ll want to make sure that you’re working with an experienced contractor. And with that in mind, our team of NJ cedar shake siding experts are happy to lend their breadth of experience to your project. You can be confident that your home exterior will look spectacular, with a high degree of craftsmanship throughout.

Among the benefits of cedar shake siding: it’s a natural material that’s organically insect-resistant, and it allows for an incredible natural grain on the exterior of your home. Also, even a single layer of cedar offers great overall insulation properties, and a double-coat will ensure that your home is exceptionally well insulated throughout. If this sounds like something you’d like to consider for your NJ home, call our team of experienced siding contractors today.

You already know that cedar shake siding creates a craftsman appearance on your home. What you might not know, however, is that cedar shake siding also brings with it a host of benefits. For one, it’s an environmentally-friendly material as it requires little processing overall compared to composite materials. It’s also completely biodegradable once its usage cycle ends. For another, cedar siding helps to dampen outdoor sounds, offering an exterior that’s both handsome and practical.

Cedar’s famous durability helps to ensure that the wood finish you place on the exterior will remain put. As such, it’s a great return on investment—beyond the obvious curb appeal of a beautiful, all-natural wood exterior, it provides significant lifetime savings due to its insulating properties. If this piques your interest in cedar shake siding, you should contact us today at 973-200-5541 to hear about our siding installation options.

When you contact us for your NJ cedar shake siding job, we can provide you with a selection of sample cuts and tiles for your inspection. This will let you determine what cut and style would best suit your home—and once you’ve settled on a particular type of siding shingle, we can also provide samples to demonstrate the variety of stains and finishes available. When you’ve decided upon the particulars, our team can handle everything related to installation: from siding removal and disposal, to shingle attachment, to staining and sealing.

If you decide to use all-natural wood, your cedar shake siding exterior will require periodic maintenance (to include refinishing). If you opt for composite materials, the maintenance requirements will likely be less frequent overall. We’ll explain all of this and more to you during your consultation, and you’ll have the ability to select options that best suit your tastes and needs as a homeowner. Call today to start the process!

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