Trust the Professionals to Repair Your NJ Home’s Siding Exterior

If your home siding needs repair, you can opt to do it yourself--or you can choose to work with a team of skilled professionals. The truth about siding repair is that experience really counts: many problems seem like simple fixes but may be more complex than they appear. This is particularly true when working with composite materials, which may need special sealants and paints in order to avoid discoloration, warping, or weather damage.

However, you don’t have to go it alone. Our team of experts can assist with inspection and servicing, getting to the heart of the issue right away and offering solutions. What’s more, we can offer a huge variety of finishes with regard to stains, sealants, primers, and paints. This means that your choices on styles are tremendous, and you’ll be working with a partner with deep experience in the field. There’s no need for siding repair to become a monumental task--just call us for assistance!

Depending on the condition of your siding, repairs can be as simple as patching or replacing panels, or as complex as a re-priming and repainting. However, when you work with us, you can rest assured that we can get the task completed to a high standard of service. The easiest way to go about it is as follows: first, give us a call at 201-243-3711 and speak with our customer service team. We can determine the particulars of your job and schedule an inspection on-site.

One of our colleagues will visit your home and examine your siding, allowing us to confirm our initial estimate and develop a plan for repair. In the case of vinyl or aluminum siding, we will make it a point to match the exact finish on your current exterior in order to ensure seamlessness. You’ll have an opportunity to inspect the work as well, letting us know if we’ve met your expectations.

When you contact us for siding repair on your NJ home, you can trust that our prices will be fair and competitive. We won’t try to upsell on services but will instead simply offer you a solution to the issues at hand. In some cases, this is as simple as a cleaning and servicing on panels (to make sure there are no leaks, damage, or corrosion). In other instances, such as with vinyl siding, we may need to replace an individual cracked board.

In cases of more profound damage, we may need to partially replace a section of your home’s facade, and we’ll do this with attention to the color and finish in order to match what’s currently in place. In such instances we’ll also use this as an opportunity to inspect the exterior liner and any insulating materials for serviceability, water damage, insects, and more. Call today to schedule your siding repair.

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